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Cheese Slices

Soft, creamy Cheese Slices

Take your sandwiches to a whole new level of yummilicious with our lip-smacking cheese slices. Rich in proteins and calcium, it is made with the goodness of cow's milk. Ready for a fun way to eat your milk?

  • Goodness of cow’s milk

  • High calcium for
    building strong bones

  • High protein for
    strong muscles


Thick & Creamy

A Dahi as versatile as your needs. It’s a creamy source of calcium that goes well with every meal. So savour it, slurp it, and gobble it up because it’s made by experts in New Zealand who’ve delighted millions for over 130 years.

  • Thick & creamy curd
    with ideal fat content

  • Goodness of cow’s milk

  • Calcium that
    builds strong bones

Toned Milk

Fortified with Vitamin A & D

Much creamy, much wow. Not just delectable but also nutritious. Our toned milk is loaded with calcium and vitamins, and is created by experts who’ve been making dairy taste delightful for over 130 years. Get ready to go bottoms up with a glass of milk!

  • Vitamin A & D
    for immunity & good vision

  • No Added Preservatives

  • Calcium that
    builds strong bones

  • Safety seal to safeguard freshness
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We assure dairy nutrition with

Uncompromising Standards of Safety & Quality for your Family

Did you know that milk you drink can be contaminated & harm your health?





Dreamery’s portfolio is crafted with global food safety & quality standards of Fonterra, New Zealand

Our food safety and quality systems in FonterraFuture Dairy are designed to ensure compliance to Fonterra Global Manufacturing Standards & achieve four key objectives:

  • Uncompromising food safety & world class quality
  • -
  • Enhance consumer health with nutritious products
  • -
  • Consistently satisfy and surpass consumer expectations with our - No Nasties, but Only Goodies - policy
  • -
  • Fully comply with all relevant regulations

These objectives are leveraged through a minimum of ‘93 Quality Checks’ on every product:

  • 66 Quality Checks for aflatoxins, antibiotics & adulterants
  • -
  • 27 Quality checks to ensure that flavour, appearance, odour and colour is acceptable and delight our consumers

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